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Text 25 Oct Day Seven

Your idea was a good one.

You will record some sounds for me. I want to hear your moans, muffled through a gag of your choosing. I want to hear your uncontrollable spasms, by way of the jingle of your nipple clamp bells.

Hit record, kneel, play, ask for permission, come and upload.


Text 23 Oct Day Five

I was very pleased with your performance last night. I hope for your sake you didn’t come.

Tonight we play properly. Take care of yourself today, I want my pet rested and obedient

You’re to get home, pour yourself a scotch and shower. Turn the heater on if it’s cold.

You will then move the drawers to the foot of the bed, setting your laptop on top. You will unlock your toybox. Find a medium size padlock and a key.

Get dressed in your black latex stockings and maid garter belt. When you’re ready for me, message, and await me kneeling on the bed.

I can’t wait to play with you.


Text 22 Oct 1 note Day Four

When you get home tonight, you’ll wrap your neck up for me. I’d like to know you’re still mine. Then you’ll put your wrist cuffs on.

You’ll stay like that all night for me. Secured.

You are to bring yourself close to orgasm with your fingers, but you aren’t allowed to come. You’ll take pictures of this activity, giving me proof that you are secured, and on edge for me.

Wish I was there. x

Text 21 Oct Day Three

You did beautifully, pet.

But all this distance is taking it’s toll on me. It’s about time we reduced some distance, starting this Wednesday. I hope your night is free and reserved for me, and my requests. Shall we say 9:30?

For today, you’ll decide what will make me happy. A series of photos, of your nature of choosing, featuring you. You do not have permission to come. I want you ready for Wednesday.


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Text 20 Oct Day Two

A nice lazy Sunday, with a bit of rope to spice it up.

Wrap yourself up with rope and send me the proof. Make sure you run the rope tightly through the important spots. You can come after you post.

Here’s some inspiration.

Text 19 Oct 1 note Day One

You’re going for a short walk. Maybe to get dinner, maybe just to get some air. You’re to be plugged for me. You can come after 30 minutes. 


Text 19 Oct Things I’d do to you, if I were there

But alas, I can’t be. Not for the next week. So you’ll be responsible for the doing yourself.

There will be a task every day until you board your flight.

Documentation of each day is required.

Make me happy, pet. x

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a happy pet

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Text 15 Oct 3 notes Thought for the day

You wore my favorite bolero, lying on your back, with feet anchored at each corner of the bed.

You had a toy, your new toy, placed appropriately.

You were not to be released until you came.

I played, teasing, stinging, rubbing until you begged.

Now, you will post photos of some combination of shiny clothes and toy. Make me happy. And yes, you can come.

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